How do I order a cake?

The easiest way to place an order is by phone or email

Phone: 432-209-7964

Email: lets.celebrate14@outlook.com

Do you deliver your cakes?

Let's Celebrate delivers cakes that are 4 tiers or more upon request. We do charge a delivery fee depending on where you need your cake delivered. We do not deliver more than 80 miles away.

Do I need to make a deposit for a cake?

Yes, we require 1/2 down on every order. if the order isn't paid by the beginning of the week of your order then your order will be cancelled.  

Do you offer gluten free or vegan options?

Sorry, we do not offer gluten free or vegan cakes at this time; however, most of our French Macarons are gluten free and delicious!

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

Let's Celebrate books special occasion cakes 2-3 weeks in advance, and can only take a certain amount of cakes per week, so we recommend ordering your cake as soon as you know the details! Once a weekend is fully booked we are not able to take any more cakes. Large orders should be booked at least 1-2 months in advance to avoid disappointment. Last minute orders may be available if the day has not been fully booked.

Can you reproduce a cake from a picture?

While we love to use pictures as inspiration, we rather give you a special cake combining your photos with our own artistic design. It's classier to be an original.

Can you put characters on my cake?

We are unable to put any licensed characters on a cake, but if you supply a figurine, such as Elsa, Minnie Mouse, Power Rangers, etc., we can create a beautiful setting for the characters, and place the figurines on the cake. We do not sell any figurines.

What if I just want a couple fondant details?

Sorry, I am not your girl. Fortunately, there are many cakes out there that make beautiful fondant cakes, but at let's celebrate bakery we only use buttercream. p.s. it tastes better anyways.

How should I transport a cake?

Clear a flat space in your car, preferably on the floor rather than a seat. This means on warm days, drive with the AC on. On cold days, make sure heat vents are not pointed at the cake. Be careful no to hit the brakes hard, take fast turns, or hit any bumps or pot holes. Unless told otherwise, the cake should be kept in a cool place until serving. The refrigerator would be ideal. Take the cake out 30 minutes prior to serving. Let's Celebrate is not responsible for the cake once it leaves our possession.