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Hey y'all! I'm Alli!

Hey guys! My name is Alex Carter, but most people call me alli. I have been in the baking business for 8 years now. I graduatied from texas tech university with a retail management degree, and as soon as I was graduated I moved to seminole to open my first location. I know you must be thinking...why seminole? I was raised in seminole and honestly I couldn't imagine opening a bakery anywhere else. the people in this amazing town (and the surrounding towns) are the most supportive, loving people around. I found my love for baking When I was 18 years old. I soon realized I not only  loved baking, but also party planning. I started out by planning my two younger brother’s birthday parties. I baked the cake, decorated, and planned fun activities for the kids. I eventually couldn’t stand being out of the kitchen so any holiday, whether it be Valentines Day, New Years, or Christmas, I was going to throw a party. The word quickly spread around the small town of Seminole and other surrounding towns. Any chance I got to celebrate I was going to seize the opportunity. 

Fast forward to today...


Alli's Recommendations

Do we have a store front?

Yes! our new location is located right next door to Pizza Hut/Taco Bell in seminole, tx. We would love for y'all to come in and visit. while we do not have seating the bakery is strictly pickup and go. we have a daily menu which we post via instagram so you can come pick up goodies daily. follow us on instagram @lets.celebrate14 

First time ordering a cake from us?

first of all, thanks for considering us to be apart of your special event. the only type of icing we use is buttercream icing. Honestly fondant looks good, but just doesn't have the same great taste as buttercream. Since we do not use fondant we cannot do certain designs, but we do use cookies in place of fondant on our cakes to get a similar look. 

Feeding a crowd?

We recommend purchasing a smaller cake (six inches or 8 inches) and then purchasing mini or regular sized cupcakes. this will take away from you having to cut the cake right away and also makes for a super cute display. another option is our macaron trays that come with mini cupcakes & macarons. This will also make for a super cute display and guests can take from the trays before you have to cut the cake.